In a Perfect World…

I have noticed that people these days are way to self absorbed. Yes I have been guilty of this; you get so wrapped up in your world that sometimes common courtesy goes out the window. However important you think you are, there are times’/situations when you have to put yourself on hold. This past winter I took a major wipeout on some ice and gave myself a mild concussion. A man behind me, who saw what happened, but do you think he took a moment to ask if I were okay, no he just speeds past like nothing happened. Was he embarrassed for me, is that why he did not stop? Or was he late for work? My money is on the latter. Then a couple of weeks ago, I had to attend a funeral for my boss’s 18 year old son. At the church while waiting for the ceremony to commence there was a woman in front of me texting, she could not put her life on hold to show her respect long enough to stop texting. To me there is no excuse for such behavior and it took all my strength not to smack her in the head. If your job is that important send a card, do not disrespect this family’s grief by texting in church.

I know I have been guilty of being selfish and not taking the time to help someone out when I should have (if someone fell in front of me I would stop, I’m not that awful). I am making an effort to change this, for example I was late for meeting with friends one Saturday night, and as I was running to the subway platform there was a blind man in obvious need of assistance. I almost ran past because I figured someone is less of a hurry can help him. Then I realized I am late for what? Drinking with the girls? What kind of asshole am I, so I stopped and helped him down to the platform and felt so much better that I did so. Were the girls mad that I was late, not one bit, it was just me being caught up in my own mind made drama. So I ask that we all try to take a moment and think to yourself what is it that you have to do that is so much more important than helping a fellow human being out. Chances are good it’s really not that important and if we help someone in need we’d feel so much better about ourselves.

Now that being said I do think a perfect world would just consist of puppies, sunflowers and blueberry pie. In my world a random Hot Hottie  shows up Friday evening with dinner and leaves Sunday morning after he’s made me breakfast in bed. Then the next week another random Hot Hottie shows up and the cycle repeats itself. ‘Sigh’ do you think that’s what heaven is like???

What’s your perfect world?

Hopeful in TO

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