Overcoming Negative Thoughts…

There is a company that I really want to work for so I have their career page bookmarked on my computer. I check it daily for job postings that I may be suitable for. One such posting has recently been advertised, my heart leaped out of my chest I was so excited when I saw it. My resume is in good standing but the task that I have the most difficulty with is writing the dreaded cover letter. I want to make a career change into the health and fitness industry in which this company is a big name. Therefore my cover letter is very important, it needs to draw their attention enough to look at my resume and call me for an interview. My problem is that I undersell myself, I can tell you  the great things that my friends have accomplished but when it’s about me I don’t express myself with such confidence.

I know that most women have a hard time in selling themselves, that we undervalue what we do. How do we overcome this?

1)   Surround yourself with great friends; a good friend will tell you how awesome you are and tell you when you are acting like a giant ass. 

2)   Daily Affirmations, tell yourself everyday that you are valuable, intelligent, confident and strong. I have done this but not consistently and when I do it does work I leave the house feeling confident and unstoppable.  

3)   Become conscious of your thoughts, realize that you are saying I can’t when you should be saying I can or I don’t like this about myself say I love that I can __________ (Burp the alphabet?) etc.

Thankfully I do have great friends the help remind me of all that I have accomplished. One such friend is great at business writing and has help me with my cover letter this wasn’t the first time I have acquired her services in this area. Apparently my letter that stated “Please can I have this job? Pretty Please” was not sufficient. Fortunately she has my back.

Have you more negative thoughts than positive ones? What steps are you taking to overcome this? We’d love to hear your tips on how to stomp on the Negative voice in your head.
Hopeful in TO


  1. I hope you get the job, best of luck!

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