Stress and Addiction

I think it’s interesting to see how people deal with stress. Myself personally I want to smoke, I know it’s awful and disgusting but since I’ve been smoking on and off for so long it’s my go to drug of choice. I know I’ll regret it afterwards but that first drag of a cigarette there is nothing in the world like it. It’s like an instant shot of heroin, not that I’ve ever done this, but it’s what I think heroin addicts feel, bliss and relief.

Speaking of addictions I am strangely drawn to Intervention (on A&E) and Addicted (on TLC). I know why I am, it’s because I am curious as to how people get to certain stages in their lives. I find these shows extremely fascinating, but also truly hard to stomach, especially when I see drug addicts shooting up substances. It’s weird I have no problem with needles for blood donating, going to the doctors, regular immunization shots, but watching people shoot up drugs disturbs me tremendously. I think it’s because I think they might die and I truly don’t want to see that. In my mind I know the producers wouldn’t let that happen but people who are desperate and shooting up make me turn the channel.

I also find the drugs hold on them scary. The thought that you can’t deal with daily life and need to be clouded by a substance to get through has to be the most terrible thing ever. I wonder how did things get so bad and why does it seem (at least to me) that some people get sucked in to drugs and others can be casual users? If I have to choose something to be addicted to I guess in the grand scheme of things cigarettes aren’t so bad, but it’s still an addiction which isn’t a good thing.

Queen B

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