We are our mothers….

They say that we become our mothers and I beginning to think this may be true. Not to long ago my mom called to tell me that she and my aunt have stopped going to the fitness classes at their local community center. When I ask her why she starts laughing and tells me the following:
“You know how during the cool down stretches it is nice and relaxing with the soft music playing and then the instructor tells us to cross our right leg over our left and pull in to feel the stretch, well when I pulled  I let one RIP! (Yes these are her words) I respond ‘Oh NO what did you do?” now she is laughing hysterically and  says I just said Good one! …Oh mom the shame. She informs me that this is what I have to look forward to when I turn 60.
I am nowhere close to turning 60 but I am my mother’s daughter. This past Saturday I had a session with my trainer. Now normally the gym has loud music playing and is very busy. Not this Saturday, no music and the gym was empty. I am doing jumping jacks and then it happens, yes I farted!! Oh the horror I thought that was not suppose to happen until I was 60?! I had no idea that it was coming, because if I did I could have squeezed the butt cheeks together in hopes of lowering the velocity of the sound. I wanted to jump my way right out of the gym, what do I do? I think should I just acknowledge it and say oops or try to pretend it did not happen. Better yet maybe I can mimic the noise so my trainer thinks it is just some strange acid reflux action. I rather him think it was gas coming out my mouth than my ass. I decide to just keep jumping and ignore the moment. However I could no longer look my trainer in the eye and I had become unusually silent. Sensing my shame and being the professional that he is, he started chatting with me until I finally got into the conversation and I put that moment behind me.
I was able to get through my session without further betrayal from my body but I was not completely over the embarrassment.  So when I got home the only thing I could think to do was tell my friends because I am hoping someone will tell me it has also happened to them. Just as I hoped a friend of mine e-mails me this story from his Jiu Jitsu days:
Speaking of bodily discharge embarrassments, remember Jiu Jitsu? That is the worst because you are rolling around with some guy and obviously there’s a lot of struggle on the body and sometimes a man just gotsta fart.
You know he has a point, and sometimes a girl too just gotsta fart!

Hopeful in TO


  1. Nice one Nat…. just think it could have been worse!!! Other people could have been near by too!!!!

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