White Boots

Yes I know I’m in the 80’s but I happened across a pair of white boots in a store and not a store that I would ever imagine shopping at, as it is an odd old women’s, lost your sanity, not quite knowing what it is type of store. Anyway I was feeling nostalgic or delirious (the jury is still out) about getting them which I never did because I wasn’t sure if I could wear the boots or whether the boots would be wearing me. For those of you that don’t know the latter is not good.

With your clothes choices you have to remember that you should be wearing the clothes and the clothes should not be wearing you. What I mean by this is that the clothes you wear should make a statement but you are the ultimate statement and your clothes should never overrun you, if they do make new clothes choices.

The easiest way to know that you are the one wearing the clothes and not the reverse, is if you feel comfortable, relaxed, at ease and not fussed about things. If you aren’t feeling these things chances are your clothes are wearing you.

Happy Friday

Queen B

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