I love my sleep and I think I love it more than most because when I was younger I was an insomniac. I used to lay awake thinking about everything and anything. It was time consuming and quite unproductive because I could think of all the what if’s a million times over but it didn’t change what actually happened. Then one day in my early 20s I said to heck with thinking I am done.

I’m all for analyzing things and thinking, who isn’t? But when it becomes a burden and ruins sleeps then the line needs to be drawn. For me, I just needed to let things go and stop analyzing things from different angles. It isn’t hard and with a little practice you too can shut down your mind.

My trick for getting a good nights sleep is to tell myself to “be quiet” (it’s my mind telling my mind to shut down). I take great pride in the fact that even in the worst of times I can still fall asleep. My sleep maybe altered somewhat as I’m not a machine, but when push comes to shove I know I can shut it down. The power of the mind is great and if you can take control of things you too can stop yourself from over analyzing situations.

This is something I think all single people should know, especially women, we tend to over analyze situations and if there is one lesson I have learned through my many years of dating, it is that men take things at face value and us gals over think them. Now if you think of a way to make money fast, with minimal work, feel free to let me know.

Queen B


  1. I know how to make money fast with minimal work…Marry old and rich!! HA

  2. Great gramps here I come 🙂

  3. Where are you headed to meet gramps? The legion perhaps, no wait if he hangs out at the Legion he's there for the cheap beers.

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