Things that make you say WTF..

Recently I was at Shoppers drug Mart looking for the new Schick Quarto Trim Style Razor (yes I am excited about this product, it’s a razor and bush trimmer) but I do not think it is here in Canada just yet. However I did see this product by Venus, it is a vibrating razor and comes with its own AAA battery. I did think about purchasing it so that I can do a product review but I could not see the purpose of it. Why do we need a razor to vibrate?
Obviously it was man that thought of this genius idea because no women would want a vibrating razor near her bits and pieces. Would a man let a vibrating razor blade near his balls? NOT! According to this ad campaign the vibrating razor sends vibrations to the skin which raises the hair for a closer shave. Isn’t that what a loofah sponge is for? While I’m on the topic of products that don’t make sense can someone please tell me why you would want to wear a G-String Panty liner?

I mean the whole purpose of the g-string is to have no panty lines, but also to be playful and sexy. How can you feel sexy with this stuck to your g-string and is there really enough material to hold it in place. All that can come of this is you will end up have a piece of sticky absorbent cotton stuck between you ass cheeks. How’s that for feeling fun and flirty!



  1. I think the vibrating razor are for the S&M crowd out there…yikes….

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