There comes a point in your career that you feel I’ve had enough, done enough, taken enough, said enough etc…and you know it’s time to move on from your current position to a hopefully better one. Well ladies and gentlemen I have reached that point, I love the ladies I work with but I just can’t seem to connect on a productive level with my boss and yesterday after our “tête a tête” I said to myself enough is enough and decided to focus my attention on finding a new job.

Luckily for me I applied for a job that a head hunter thought I would be suited for and contacted me via email. I took this email as a sign from a higher power that my decision to move on was being blessed (given the altercation with my boss was that morning), so today I went to meet with the head hunter and as expected I was nervous. When you have to answer questions about yourself and provide examples and pretty much sell yourself it’s hard to be that witty, charming, intelligent, educated person you normally are but thankfully I got through things unscathed.

I do admit that I am not bad in interviews when I feel like I have connected with the person which was the case today. So after the short chat about general items and us knowing someone mutually it appears my tensions eased and I could once again be that great person I was trying to sell. This made things a lot easier because some of my positions on my resume are from 10 years ago and I’m not one to remember what I did yesterday yet alone marketing programs I ran 10 years ago.

Wish me luck in my job search and here’s hoping the interviews get easier.

Queen B


  1. Good Luck Queen B!!

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