The Vision Board

As I have said before I had my self-help phase. During this phase I created a vision board, ALA “The Secret”. What’s a vision board you ask? It’s to help you create your ideal life. You put pictures on a board of your dreams, and things you want on this board. It is to help you focus on what you really want in life and believe that no dream is unattainable. This is your dream life so dream big.
I started off with a bang. In career I knew I wanted to work from home so I put up a picture of a home office. I want to write for Oxygen magazine so I put that picture up. I have a picture of a Mustang, dogs, places I want to see and things I want to do like play the drums…you get the idea. Also on my board I have words of inspiration and words that express what I want. For example I have “success” in my career section, “world traveler” by the places I want to visit and “great sex” and “love” right beside my picture of Georges St. Pierre (UFC Fighter). I guess I really did not need to post the words “great sex” beside his picture because just looking at that man makes my vagina flutter.

My vision board has been in hiding for the last few months until the other day I decided to take it out of my closet and place it out in the open where I can see it for inspiration and the occasional flutter. I had placed it on my bed and in my morning rush threw my track pants on it. I then got dressed and headed out for my morning coffee. I’m happily walking back home with my coffee in my hand enjoying the moment when I get a tap on the shoulder and was informed that there was something stuck to my ass. Actually the very nice girl said “sorry you seem to have something on the back of your pants”, and than tried unsuccessfully to hide the giggle. Well as it turns out I had the words GREAT SEX stuck to my ass. I had to wait in a 20 minute line up for my coffee and no one there told me! Now it makes sense why the construction worker said to me “I bet you are”…Brute!
I am pretty sure when The Secret said put what you want out there in the universe they did not mean for me to stick it to my ass. Or did they? If so that did not work any better than my vision board because “Great Sex” is now crumpled up in the bottom of my trash can. However Georges St. Pierre is now posted on my mirror because if “great sex” is not in the near future a girl may as well get a vagina flutter whenever she can.
Word of advice Gals if you do make your own vision board, please do not use tape to stick on your words of wisdom. I suggest that you use glue or tacks (for cork boards) to avoid such an incident from happening to you. It could have been worse I also have “Find my G spot” on there.



  1. Thats too funny!!!! Shame that did not happen on a different day …. could have been even funnier!!!!

  2. Maybe the universe did not think you were putting it out there enough…. shame it was not a hot single bloke who told you…. could have made for an interesting "how did the two of you meet ?" story!!! Guess you are now sticking the rest of the words down with glue…..

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