You know when you read something and you shake your head at the sheer stupidity of someone. Well I did that today upon reading an article in the Toronto Star about a lady suing her cell phone company because her marriage ended. She claimed that the company violated her privacy because her personal cell phone bill was lumped in with her then husbands and he noticed hour long conversations with someone on the detailed account. When he phoned the number the “other man” confirmed the affair and her husband left her. There are other details such as her maiden name was on the account, her affair was only short lived at that point, she is embarrassed by what happened and couldn’t work etc….

Canada is not like the USA when it comes to legal cases and honestly if I read this in a US newspaper I wouldn’t think twice about it, but reading it in a Canadian newspaper I feel this lady has insulted me personally. Why, you may ask? Well because in the USA people sue, that is how things are resolved, in Canada we don’t, it’s like we know that we fu**ed up and we’re just hoping nobody else took notice .
I do agree that the cell phone company made a mistake, but really, didn’t you think you made a bigger mistake by cheating on your husband? If you don’t then you have bigger issues.

One of my pet peeves is people who don’t take responsibility for their actions. Whether right or wrong, don’t deny your part in things. I have to shake my head at this, and just say “Really” (as sarcastically as possible).

Queen B


  1. I with you Queen B I can't stand it when people blame everyone but themselves for their bad choices. This women is whacked!!

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