Sweet dreams are made of these…..

A while ago a friend and I were talking and I mentioned to her that I was having some crazy a*s dreams. They were quite vivid and I remembered them quite clearly when I got up. They were kind of irritating me as I was in constant motion and honestly when I woke up in the morning I felt like I had run a marathon. I know that we dream every night during REM sleep but this dreaming seemed out of whack because if felt like I was never going to get a proper nights rest.

Well she told me something interesting, which I never paid attention to until now. Ladies keep track of your dreams the week leading up to your period. I don’t know if this theory has been scientifically tested or not but from my own research it holds true for me. I think it’s interesting and if this hasn’t been tested, someone should do so and tell me why this happens.

Queen B


  1. HMMM it could be a hormonal thing? Interesting however I will take note and pay attention to my dreams to see when they happen and get back to you on my findings. 🙂

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