Beach Beauty Event

Hey Ladies,

The Hamilton Plastic Surgery Centre is having a Beach Beauty Event on Thursday June 3rd from 5-7 pm. Now you may be wondering why I would be telling you about an event at a plastic surgery centre because I do believe in being the most natural you that you can be. However, I was informed that plastic surgery is only half of what the Centre’s practice focuses on and the other half is on skin care and treatments.

Here is what you can expect at this event:

• Beach-perfect cosmetic surgery advice from Dr. Robert Patterson
• Glistening bronzing treatments with Aesthetician Connie DelleRose
• Botox and filler consultations with Nurse Injector Terri Clarkson
• Swimwear that suits you perfectly: Luxurious, custom-made swimsuits from Hollenbreez Swimwear
• Glowing makeup advice from Alycia Vaughan of Vavoom Makeup Artistry
• Get your body beach-ready with fitness & nutrition tips from Body 1 Fitness

Specials: This Day Only
15% off any aesthetic product or service
$100.00 off purchase of Juvederm
Botox $10 per unit

Summer is more fun when spent with friends!
Bring a pal along for an evening of beauty, pampering, and wonderful raffles!

RSVP: Call 905-572-1070 or go to

Anyway who am I to say “don’t get Botox or surgery” – if you think this will make you feel better about yourself then do it, just be sure to do some research first. I endured the torture of braces for 4 years because I was self-conscious about my overbite and I would do it all over again. I have a friend that got a breast reduction because she hated her natural FF boobs, she is now happily flaunting her C’s. I also have a friend who recently had implants and is now happily flaunting her D’s! We all have things we’d like to change so educate yourself and make sure you do it for yourself and not someone else. So if you’re interested in botox, or have been thinking about a tummy tuck (or would like a bathing suit that sucks it in) you can attend this free event and talk to Dr. Patterson to help you make an informed decision.

Here is the facebook event link for address details



  1. I sent you an e mail asking if you were thinking of going… but then I saw its on a Thursday….. sounds like it would be fun!!!

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