Schick Quattro Trim Style

Ladies let me tell you…I love this product!! As the ad states, it is the must have accessory that a girl needs. This is a four blade razor and bikini trimmer in one. So not only do you get nice smooth legs with the 4 blade razor, but you can then flip the handle and trim the bush. There is no way you can hurt yourself because if there was, I would have already done it. With the trimmer you can be as creative as you want – the heart shape if you’re feeling amorous, the triangle, different lines and of course the ever-popular landing strip for everyday take off. “Have you ever tried to stick a rectangle into a square/triangle/circle peg? Well now you can!”. And for those daring gals out there you can go commando and take it all off.
The Trim Style comes with its own AA Battery, and retails from $12 – $14 CDN depending on where you buy it. Pharmasave is selling it for $12.00 that is the cheapest I have seen it. However you only have to buy the Trim style once, the razor blades are disposable and you can buy a package of blades separately.
Comments from the Single Gals Team that have tried this product are:
“It’s fun!! I love it!”
“It’s like a power tool for girls!”
“First I made a square, than the landing strip, I was having so much fun I accidentally went commando!
So Ladies the only down fall of this product is that you may get carried away and end up bearing it all but don’t worry if this was not your intention. It grows back!
Happy Trimming!

This Product is Single Gals Approved

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