CO Bigelow – Metha Lip Tint

This is a mint infused lip gloss so not only does it give you pretty shiny lips but it gives you fresh minty breath as well. Bonus for any Gal single or taken!  According to Cosmo shinny moist lips make men think of other moist places, this is great for the Cougar who want to seduce a hot young cub; he’ll never know what hit him.
Metha Lip Tint comes in five great colors; Coral Mint, Pink Mint, Plum Mint, Violet Mint, and my favorite Bare Mint. You can purchase this great find at Bath and Body works for $7.50 ea or 3 for $15.00 and when they have a sale you can get 3 for $12.00. If there is no Bath and Body Works in your area you can purchase online at
Comments from the Single Gals Team that have tried this product are:
“They last forever and keep your breathe smelling minty fresh!”
“I love that I can eat garlic and than put my lip gloss on and be all minty fresh”
“My lips look so good, I want to kiss myself”
Ladies I recommend that you give this little gem a try and test it out on the next hottie that you encounter. Happy lip locking!
This Product is Single Gals Approved

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