Beware of the ‘Double Dip"

Recently I’ve been hearing some odd things about my friends’ waxing experiences. First it was Commando Barbie having her poon blown on by her aesthetician. Second was a friend who got a Brazilian done by someone other than her regular waxer and ended up with a massive poon infection. It ended up being so bad her sister called her “Frankin Twat”! She called Telehealth Ontario, they asked her if the salon had used a metal spatula to spread the wax, YES they did, Telehealth told her that the salon was double dipping!! They are using the same applicator to wax various clients! Gross I don’t know about you but the thought of someone else’s Poon Germs being spread on my most delicate area, scares me.  Since the wax is not hot enough to kill germs the germs survive and can be passed on. Lucky for ‘Frankin Twat” her infection was nothing more than a bacterial infection and it eventually cleared up after having to take medicated baths 3 times a day.
So ladies when going to a salon ask them if they use wooden spatulas. Here in Ontario it is proper practice and any salon that doesn’t should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.  Once the wooden spatula is dipped and the wax has been spread to your skin they should be disposed of and a new spatula is used for the next application. It is bad enough that waxing hurts but we really do not need to worry about getting viral infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and warts, as well as, conjunctivitis, bacterial and fungal infections.
Here are the top 5 things a Gal should consider before waxing as per the Vagisil Website
  1. Don’t choose a waxing salon because the price is right for you. Choose a salon because it upholds high standards of sanitation and its employees are properly credentialed.
  2. Don’t feel compelled to have a “Brazilian Wax” because all your friends do. Keep in mind that pubic hair is there for a purpose — to protect the genital area from infection and trauma. A simple bikini wax is safer.
  3. Don’t wax if you are menstruating, on certain medications, such as Acutane, or if you have an active outbreak of any STD.
  4. Be sure the aesthetician treating you protects you both from contamination with simple precautions such as: wearing gloves, cleansing the genital area before and after the procedure, having all clients wear disposable underwear, using disposable spatulas and NEVER double dipping.
  5. Feminine anti-itch creams such as Maximum Strength Gynecort® Anti-Itch Creme (one percent hydrocortisone) or Vagisil® Anti-Itch Creme can help soothe any post-shaving/waxing irritation, but if you develop an infection or skin problem it is advisable that you consult with your gynecologist and also inform the salon of this occurrence.
  6. Don’t have the aesthetician blow on your freshly waxed area    
If you have one of the following conditions you should avoid waxing at all cost: women with thin skin, vulvar varicosities, poor circulation, poorly controlled diabetes, genital warts, active herpes and other active skin disorders. Also Gals avoid waxing if you are on the following medications Acutane, steriods and immune suppressive therapies.
What it comes down to it Gals, we need to educate ourselves on what’s involved in our beauty procedures, so do your research, ask the uncomfortable questions and get feedback from others. 

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