Text Messageless…

I know Single-gals has broached this subject before, but it must be raised again. After months of going dateless, I finally, potentially, have a date coming up (as some of us know that nothing is ever set in stone). This “fix-up” was strangely arranged by my mother…but hey, in desperate times a gal should take what she can get. He’s apparently “good looking” (although this tid bit of info comes from his own mother), a little older (approx 8 years more than myself) and looking to actually “find someone” (as we all know this means nothing and one should not get too excited about the fact that someone may want to “settle down” because they could quite suddenly change their mind).

So we have our first phone conversation and talk for 40 minutes. It was a decent conversation, he talked a lot, but was funny and we seemed to have stuff in common. We set something up for that coming weekend. I didn’t hear from him all week, until a couple days before our anticipated date, when he sent me a…dun, dun, duuunnn….text message! The most feared message in the dating world today! I now realize that one of the things I hate most about dating is the dreaded first text message. Most of the guys I have dated this past year have resorted to having a sort of text message relationship. I suppose it’s safer that way and rejection over text is so much easier? These ridiculous experiences start off by phone call, then we meet up, and then from there…it’s all text. I don’t get it, why does the guy never call again? All plans, flirting, “how’s your day going” are all done through text.

I went on a date with this one textamaniac…it was actually our second date. He asked if we were still on for that night, then we decided on a place and time, then he suggested to meet at the place…and this is all done through text. Why? It just doesn’t make any sense? I ended up not knowing where this place was so what did I do? I called him! I know you all gasped right there, but there was no other choice, my hands were tied, I had to get directions! I also “verbally” suggested that maybe he could pick me up since he never offered and my place was on his way to the restaurant. He agreed. What a gentleman.

Our relationship continued over text, although we never went out again. He would text all the time, but never asked me out again? WTF? Over time my text responses were short and then I just didn’t respond. Total turn off. Fingers are crossed that my newest dating venture is not a text messaging douchebag. Perhaps we can start off by slowly evolving into text messaging, instead of tyring to get to know each other through this ridiculous mode of communication.

I’ll keep you all posted,


  1. Good luck on the "potential" date…..

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