Mixed Chicks…“a curly revolution”

As some of you may have seen from my picture, I have curly hair. I used to have wavy hair, but then the hormones kicked in and it went curly. Over the years I have tried numerous products from the cheap to the very expensive.

I recently went into a wholesale product store to get my usual, when the sales guy sold me on something called Mixed Chicks. Mixed Chicks carries products for curly haired ladies of all multi-cultural backgrounds.

I bought the Leave In Conditioner (under the Syle & Control section on their website) and I must say I love this product. It not only smells great and leaves my hair feeling nice and light with no build up, but it also removes 2 steps from my daily routine. I get in the shower, wash my hair, get out and put Mixed Chicks in and I’m ready to go. No need to condition in the shower or add a mousse, gel or another styling product. The Leave In Conditioner acts as a conditioner and styling product all in one!

Now if you like a little more “crunch” to your curls or it’s super humid out, you may want to add something more. But I tend to like my curls more natural looking and if I do want a little more hold, I’ve just used a larger amount of Mixed Chicks and it works fine.

The price I paid for the 10oz bottle was $24.99 (CDN). The prices listed on their website are way cheaper – but it is in US funds and I’m not sure they deliver to Canada. So if you’re ever in the US, I suggest you stock up!

Check out Mixed Chicks at http://www.mixedchicks.net/.

Single Chick

This Product is Single Gals Approved


  1. Thank you Single Chick – Going to US in Aug. so will remember the name and try it out as well!

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