Not all tires are the same…Who knew?

Monday night I go to grab my car for night school and what do I find waiting for me but a flat tire. My first reaction was “You got to be kidding me” and than I get the flashbacks of the last time I tried to change a tire and scraped my knuckles to a bloody pulp. Now the stress headache kicks in which is a prefect addition to my 45 minute ride on the moving sauna. During that ride I go through a various rollercoaster ride of emotions, and thoughts, first it’s pity “why me”, than it’s anger “If that man rubs against me one more time he‘s getting an elbow in the groin” and than its loneliness “if only I had someone in my life then he would take care of my tire and the pervert on the bus”.
 I survive my bus ride and once in my nice air conditioned classroom I started to think a little more clearly about the situation. It really wasn’t so bad it was just a flat tire after all. I remembered that I had renewed my CAA membership a couple of weeks ago.  So in my clear headed moment of genius I think to myself, well rather than have CAA put on my “Donut tire” why not buy a new tire and they can put on that one, saving me the trip to a dealership to have them do it. GENIUS! So my fellow Einstein drives me to Wal-Mart, to get a new tire. While there I realize that I would need to know my tire size, so while my friend is running around looking for the big book that lists every car made and their tire size I do a Google search (NOTE: Gal’s invest in a phone with internet it is a girls best friend) I tell the guy what I want and I leave the store quite proud of myself. Also it did not help that my fellow Einstein, was praising my genius.
I get home with my new tire; since I am so pleased with myself I am just about beaming with pride. In my elevator there are a couple of dudes who kept looking at my tire, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Yes boys you got it this girl knows what she is doing, hmp who needs a man!’ I call CAA and within 15 minutes a CAA hero is at my door, we get to my car and I pull out my nice new shiny tire, he just looks at me like I pulled out a curling iron, he ask “what’s that?” (Uh it’s a tire genius) I said it’s my tire to replace the flat one. Well he laughs and tells me that he can’t put that tire on; it has to be done at a shop. What isn’t a tire a tire? Apparently not! Putting on a donut and a regular tire are to very different processes as it turns out. Who knew? Also you can’t just put on one new tire you would have to at least change two tires, something to do with balance.
My flat tire was caused because I ran over a screw, so the CAA hero tells me he can plug it but that he is not allowed to so. So I say “I have $10 bucks will that help?’ It takes him all of five minutes to fix my tire. Yippee now I can drive my dumb blond ass back up to Wal-Mart and return the nice new shiny tire. Now ladies I did tell all my gal pals my plans for my tire and they all thought it was genius, so I know I am not the only gal that has no clue about tires. The moral of this story is, if you are a Single Gal and have a car make sure you have a CAA membership, also call them first before you get any bright ideas no matter how genius your friends think you are, or call a male in your life because they seemed genetically disposed to just know these things. 
Hopeful in TO


  1. That's too funny, if it makes you feel any better I would not have known either!!! Hope life is treating you well

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