La Senza’s Double Push Up Bra…

 This is Le Senza’s first ever Double Push-Up Bra; it claims to make you up to two cup sizes bigger. It is made with lightweight foam padding, which pushes the girls out and up, so much so that your breasts get to your destination 5 minutes ahead of you. It comes with adjustable straps so that it can be worn classic, crossed or halter style. Also since there is so much padding you never have to worry about the dreaded nipple hard ons!
Does it actually make you two cup sizes bigger? It sure does, you will definitely feel large and in charge. I could not wear this bra everyday because every once in a while I would look down and all I’d see was cleavage it was very distracting. It would make a great bra to wear for a night out on the town because if there is no table you can just rest your beer on the girls!! Also for those of you worried about false advertising, relax if you do happen to be in the situation of unveiling the Ta Ta’s, do it last and quickly shove them in your man’s face he’ll be so distracted that he’ll never know you dropped two cup sizes!
The Double Push Up retails for $42.50 CDN, which makes it a cheaper alternative to the Victoria Secrets Very Sexy Push Up which retails for $49.60 – $54.00 USD.
So if you’re a  A – B cup and want to be a C-D cup defiantly try it, its fun. If you’re a C – D cup that’s just showing off!
If you have tried this bra please let us know what you think of it!


  1. OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH,im gonna save up money and buy more, right now i have the yellow one and its so nice 🙂 the best bra ever, giving me great cleavage!

  2. If your a C-D, unless you want to live out a Pamela Anderson fantasy of having gigantic boobs, it's really too much! Great bra, but dangerous on bigger girls.

  3. I regularily wear a 34 or 36 D I tried this bra on and yes it was extreme looking but I loved it! my boobs looked gigantic and although im petite still worked with my body !best lingere buy yet!

  4. I have several of these bras, so does my sister and we both love them. We both wear a 36C and they look great. I wear them all the time, to work, out for the evening, shopping you name it. Great bras!

  5. In my opinion, these look so much better than silicone implants. Make a 38C look yummy!!

  6. BEST THING SINCE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Boyfriend used to take my bra off now he doesnt want too hah

  7. I have also bought one cause I had sagging boobs and I love it. Everyone gave me comments on it.

  8. I am a 32 D and I look like a bit of a pornstar when I wear it, especially since I am so thin, but I adore it

  9. Is there an additional pocket/lining inside in the event that you ant to insert additional pads?

  10. No there is no pocket lining for additional inserts. However I know the Victoria Big Sexy bra you can take the gel pad out or add more.

  11. I Hate the Double Push-up line!! sure it looks great on C-cup gals. but since im very flat chested these bras just look ridiculous on me! theres a big gap between my upper chest and the bra 😛 this is really disappointing to me because i love the La Senza merriwidows and babydoll lingerie but most of the nice ones come in the Double-pushup style 😦

  12. Not used to seeing the girls every time i look down, but i feel great in it, so that's good!!! I give it 2 nipples up!

  13. I may just be not cluing in to something but how in the hell do I get the straps on the back? i am going to have to go back to the store in a bit if i cant figure it out there seems to be no spot to slip the hooks into!

  14. does it work if ur a AA?

  15. I dont think they have them in a AA , but im a A 32 and they work great!

  16. I am a 38C and I can understand what you bigger girls mean about it being out there and porn star-ish! But I love it! The bf calls it falls advertising but I told him what does he care since he knows what the real size is anyways- it's everyone else that's being fooled!

  17. I love it! I had a cheap double push up but, the pad was like cement! The bra is nice and light. The only bad thing is that I have to pull up the girls every now and then. 😉

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