Thinking of getting inked?

I have just put down a $100 deposit for my tattoo which is scheduled for Friday July 23 and will take between 4 – 5 hours to do. Now ladies this is not an impulsive decision, if you are thinking of getting one make sure you know without a doubt that you will be happy with it in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now. I was recently talking with a friend that got a tattoo on impulse when she was younger because she was dating a guy with tattoos and thought it would be cool to get one. She got it on her stomach and now regrets it.
I’ve been thinking about doing this for the last two years, I wanted something meaningful to me, the ideas have changed over the years but I finally decided on getting a portrait tattoo in loving memory of Shmoo and Yoda. They were my two loves and both were taken from me in very traumatic ways.  I still have not gotten over the loss of Shmoo and it has been over a year, so in his and Yoda’s honor I will have their beautiful faces put on my shoulder.
Once I  made the decision as to what I wanted to get done, next on my list was finding the right tattoo artist.I was on the hunt for one that specialized in portraits, I asked friends, looked at the work of at least 50 different artists. This to me was the hardest part because there are so many talented tattoo artists out there. I finally found one at the Tattoo Convention. I am nervous and excited, probably more excited since I have already had a tattoo done I know what to expect, but I am still a little nervous because it will take 4 hours or more.
Now ladies, if you are seriously thinking of getting inked, put a lot of thought into it, do your research. You need to think about where you want your tattoo, that’s very important. Do you want it to always be seen, do you want to be able to hide it when need be, or not to be seen at all, unless by someone very, very close to you. Also please refrain from getting the tramp stamp that is so 90’s and it’s been done. (Just my personal opinion no offense intended, I have friends that have great work done on their lower backs) Here is a link for common questions you may have and things you should consider when you first get a tattoo Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo.
We at the Single Gals camp love tattoos especially on hot dudes. However ladies if you have one send it to us with a little blurb as to the meaning behind it  and we will post them in a special blog dedicated to our Inked SG Followers. E-mail us at

Hopeful in TO


  1. That's so cool…… look forward to seeing how it turns out!!!! 4 to 5 hours??? Now that sounds painful!!

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