Well I finally had my date with the guy who cancelled on me by text last week and it was unfortunately very uneventful. Nice guy and everything, but just no butterflies. He was like a miniature Dermont Mulroney…handsome, but small and excruciatingly chatty, although it could have been nerves.

We met at a pub and talked for a couple hours (well he talked), he asked if I wanted to meet up on Sunday, but I said I was busy. I think he got the hint cause I haven’t heard from him since. Now it’s on to the next date, the search for Mr. Perfect continues…or at least someone I can stand and who can stand me!

The Single gal team has often discussed why our dating lives aren’t more like Sex In the City…a date for every night of the week…or at least every weekend (or every other weekend??). If that was the case, maybe we wouldn’t get so nervous about the whole thing. I often get nervous and feelings of anxiety and I know some of the gals have some nervous ticks (you know who you are! LOL!), but that is only natural. If it were an every day thing, we’d be pro stars. But unfortunately a date, for some of us, seems to be a once in every 2-3 months type of thing. I personally think I’ve been re-virginized, my dating/sex life is so slow. Why is it so hard to find a date in this town? I just don’t understand.

Even when we finally do talk (or text) with someone, it takes 2-3 weeks to actually meet them in person and to find a day that works for both of us, and sometimes by then the excitement has kinda disappeared. No one goes out of their way to meet anymore, to set aside some time in their busy lives to actually get to know someone. No one seems to make sacrifices to potentially meet their love, no one chases anymore and us single gals are also guilty of all of the above.

Good luck all – and if you have any awesome dating stories please be sure to email us as we must remain optimistic!

Single Chick


  1. UM it is a nervous fidgeting habit, not a tick…Not that its any better but a tick makes me think of a crazy nervous eye twitching action, now that would be a little off putting LOL

  2. Glad that you got to meet him anyway….. just think of it as practice for the great dates…..

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