Am I Turning into Mrs. Robinson?

It is very flattering that younger men like me, that must mean that I still am somewhat attractive and don’t look my age or if I do look my age I look good for my age, right? Well this past weekend I was out with a friend of mine as we were trying out a new restaurant. The thing is this restaurant turns into lounge/nightclub and it’s a bit on the pricier side so you would expect that the clientele would be older just because older people tend to have more money to spend on drinks that are priced at $15.00. Well I was wrong.

During dinner I noticed the clientele on the younger side and since my friend and I were going to hang out to have a drink I thought who cares its one drink and its fun to people watch. Well people watching became dancing to pop music from the 80s up until today (I was proud to know most of the songs because I think if I didn’t know a lot of the newer music I would have felt that much older).

As the night and drinks progressed boys, and I mean boys started coming out of nowhere. I kind of have quit smoking but I hate using quit because let’s be honest if someone offered me a smoke I would be on it like white on rice. Why am I telling you this, well one of the lovely Croatian boys I met (can’t remember the name) asked me if I wanted a smoke and of course I said yes. The smoking led to more dancing and more drinks and then out of nowhere another boy (originally from Jordan) started chatting me up and low and behold he got my number. Ok I admit I gave him my number but boys are savvy, he asked for my number and I said no (because I knew he was only 23 yrs old and just graduated university) but he had his phone out and took my number and then called me so that I had his number. I feel bad to have had to ask him how to save his name and number in my iPhone but I had no choice as my coordination and understanding of using keypads was null and void. In our talks we had made a bet about the final WC match, I picked Spain and he picked the Netherlands, the winner would have to buy the other one dinner.

Well Spain won and that meant I did as well. But really I didn’t think the bet was ‘real’ or that he would actually follow through. Well I was surprised once again because my 23 yr old texted and wanted take me out for dinner. After trying to decline nicely I had to tell him it wouldn’t work, the 14 yr age difference was just too much.

I don’t want to get into the psychological stigma’s etc…involved with older/younger dating. It works for some but for me that big of a difference is for a one night stand and considering the one night had passed it wasn’t going to happen. I have no desire to be Mrs. Robinson, as I told the 23 yr old, it’s sweet that he pursued and I’m flattered that he wants to hang out with me, but in the end I need more than a cute face and great body.

Queen B

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