Conquest or Romantic Interest?

How do you know if someone wants to go on a date to get to know you or are they just trying to get into your very expensive fabulous fitting jeans? I recently went on date with someone that I had met while out watching the World Cup. We chatted for a bit at the bar and set up a date for Tuesday. It started off right, he actually came and picked me up, and then we went to my local pub for a pint. I fidget when I am nervous, I am aware of this and try to control it but I really do not think I will ever be comfortable on a first date, it is nerve racking. I was fidgeting when my date grabbed my hands and said “you’re shy; please don’t feel nervous around me” just the thing a girl that fidgets’ would love to hear. He said all the right things and even got the bill. However by the end of the date I began to think that maybe he was hoping to just have a one night stand. Now that it is 3 days later and I have not heard from him I am now positive this is the case. After a couple of days of reflection I concluded that there were tell tale signs that I was just a potential conquest.

1) He kept referring to my slow consumption of my drink, odd because you’d think one would be more concerned about someone who was downing drinks like water.

2) He made the following comment “Just my luck I get you on a detox period, and you don’t want to drink” (it was suppose to be a joke but now it all makes sense now)

3) After drink #2 I was done with the booze because I had to study for a test (also ladies I really do think it is not wise to get drunk on a first date). He kept persisting that we stay for more in which I informed him that he has to drive so it would not be wise for him to drink anymore either.

4) Lastly and the most obvious sign was when he dropped me off he gave me a kiss but while in the middle of the kiss he grab my boob (sorry dad if you read this but remember I’m not 16 anymore). I pulled back and said “What are we in high school?” He then asked if he could come up to help me study and I declined the offer and said thanks for the night out.

I had wanted to take a positive spin on the incident, thinking that maybe I should just think it was a good sign it means he is attracted to me. Yes he was attracted to me there was no doubt but only as a sexual conquest. I’m not sure if I am offended that someone thinks I may be a good prospect for such a conquest or is it a compliment that I am conquest material? Either way it does not really matter, I’m actually okay with the fact the he has not called. I still think over all it was a nice enough date and I’m positive that the guy who wants to know more about me than my breast size is just around the corner.

Word to Queen B, I know 23 was too young for you and I get the dilemma but seriously my date was 36 and acted like a 16 year old at the end of the night. So age is not a good gage as to a man’s maturity level, whether they are older, younger or the same age you just never know.

Here is something else to think about. I was watching a new show on HBO called Gravity and someone told this women who was freaking out about not finding a man that meets every criteria on her list, that “If someone can make you feel calm and yet make your heart skip a beat at the same time, isn’t that all you need not some stupid list?” So maybe if I am overly fidgety that person is not right for me, there is something on a deeper level that I am not seeing but I am sensing. Just some food for thought.

Have you ever felt like you were just a sexual conquest, send us your stories because I know there are others that have felt this way. Don’t worry ladies it’s not bad to be someone’s sexual conquest try to take it as a compliment, and remember that yes while you are a sexy being you are also worthy of worship.


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