Love Lost and What I Wore

On Friday July 16th the Single Gals team headed to the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto to see the premiere of ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’. This off Broadway gem is a monologue from the different life experiences of sisters Dora and Delia Ephron and their friends where they use clothing and accessories to recite various memories. Andrea Martin from SCTV and My Big Fat Greek Wedding will have you in tears when she talks about “The Purse”. Mary Walsh of This Hour has 22 Minutes is also extremely funny when she recounts the story of the first bra fitting. Louis Pitre from the Broadway hit Momma Mia! is stunning (and what a set of legs she has!) The cast is great, the stories are funny and bitter sweet, this is great night out for you and the girls!

Comments from the Single Gals team :

“Absolutely fantasmical!”

“Two thumbs up. The show was witty, intelligent and made me want to go shopping. The only bad thing was that it ended too soon.”

“It’s funny, sweet and there is not one woman I know that could not relate to the stories told. You will leave there reminiscing about your first pair of heels or that favourite shirt and maybe even your first boyfriend”

“The play was funny..All females can relate! Each dialogue has happened to one of us at some time in our lives. It’s funny how after the play we were talking about clothing, shoes and dating”

Love Loss and what I wore will be in Toronto from July 16 until September 4th, for more info go to

 Single Gals Approved!

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