When You Think You Don’t Care

I hate to admit it but I don’t care for the process of meeting someone new. To clarify I want to meet someone and don’t want to end up alone in my newly purchased yet to be built condo but the process of going through so many frogs to find the prince is tiresome. I realize that the journey is part of the process and I do believe there is someone for everyone it’s just a matter of crossing paths and meeting each other but sometimes even I who try to be positive about love think it stinks.

I often wonder if people just give up looking for their true love because they get tired of going through the search. I would like to think after all this time that I won’t end up being one of them but I can understand why they do.

I sometimes find myself wondering if true love really exists and if it doesn’t why does the media and movies tell you it does? Why am I being left out of the “couple group” and why am I not able to find this “love” that seems to come to the oddest of pairs but not to me? When I think like this I know love exists. You may find this strange but why would I be going through the array of emotions and thoughts if I didn’t think it exists. The mere fact that I question it makes it that much more real for me.

So single gals when you have those days or times when you think “fukc it” why bother remember you’re just lying to yourself. You bother because you know it’s out there and you just have to wait until your time comes even if it does stink.

Queen B


  1. Very well said…. and I agree with you on the oddest pairs bit!! Here's hoping that we don't have to wait too much longer or suffer through too many more frogs…..

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