Fulton Umbrella Review

As single ladies we know that we need to be prepared for the weather and what it can and may do to our naturally frizzy, wavy hair so when it rains umbrellas are a must. I purchased my Fulton Umbrella on a whim as I wasn’t prepared for a storm and was on my way to night school. I normally don’t shell out $40 on fancy umbrellas as I tend to lose and/or ruin them but on this day I decided to invest in a more costly one to see if it did in fact make a difference.

Well single ladies I concede it does. The Fulton Umbrella I purchased is a mini and flexible model and what this means is that even in the strongest wind it may flip over but it is not supposed to break. In the 6 months I have had this umbrella it has yet to break or distort or be thrown into the garbage (if in writing this article it breaks well karma is a b*tch). Not only is the umbrella cute and small and fits in all my purses (granted my purses are gigantic) it actually works really well.

Fulton Umbrellas are approved by the Queen of England and now single gals has approved it as well.

Queen B

Single Gals Approved!

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