Michele’s Story …

Hey Ladies,  this week I would like to share the various stories I received for some of the amazing tattoos that our Single Gal followers have. This is Michele’s story and I want to thank her for sharing it with us. Your Rock Babe! Cheers Hopeful in TO

This tattoo was a cover up that was several years in the making.
I’ll explain the finished product in detail for you so you understand it a little better.
This tattoo is all about my healing process thru depression. There are 3 flowers to represent my 3 children,  the two in bloom are to represent Alex & Curtis (my two sons) and the bud not open presents the fetus that I lost. All of which had an impact on my depression in one way or another. The words “Strength” “Courage” and “Happiness” are the phases of healing the illness.
Strength to admit that to overcome depression you must take the first step.
Courage to actually take that first step towards healing.
Happiness is the final product and the whole thing is shaped as a heart.

This was a very emotional day for me and as much pain it was to get….it was more than worth it in my opinion.I actually cried when I first saw it completed and on my skin forever. It’s a part of me now and much more beautiful and meaningful than that black blob that was there before.
The artist was Jason from The Riedel Needle shop in Orangeville.
13 First Street, Orangeville, Ontario
519-938-5157 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              519-938-5157      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
He also has a Facebook page and also a Myspace page.



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