Jade and Bri’s Story…

It’s all of my family’s astrology signs. My dad is Aries, which are the horns in the front, my sister is Aquarius which is the wave in the middle. My mom is Gemini which is the Roman numeral two in the background and I am cancer the 69 symbol at the bottom.

I have also included my boyfriend Bri’s tattoo which is on his arm because it’s kind of a cute story. He got that tattoo from a statue he saw when he was on a trip with me and my two girlfriends in Amsterdam (the best trip of our lives!). His whole arm is dedicated to the trip and on the inside of his arm you can see he got each of our initials Jade-Stacie-Rachel.

The tattoo artist that did Jades tattoo was Jay from Sinful Inflictions in Whitby and Bri’s was done by Lisa also from Sinful Inflictions.

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