I Dare You!

I just realized that we have not posted anything in a while. The summer now seems like a distant memory and we are already half way through the month of September. So what have we been up to?
Single Chick and I went down east to Nova Scotia to spend a week with my folks. On our vacation of nothingness we went to a pub in downtown Halifax, called the Lower Deck. This place was great, they had live music and the people there were so friendly. Everyone talks to everyone, out east people go to the pub to socialize. Once again I am convinced that it is not me but my location that keeps me and my single gal pals, single. It seems the only time people in Toronto are willing to mingle are on  St. Patty’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s or some major sporting event  like World Cup.  Isn’t the point of going to a pub to socialize? I mean why is it so taboo to chit chat with a total stranger without them thinking you are hitting on them, well unless you are then you go girl!  I think people forget that the way to discover great people out there is by talking. The only way to get to know someone is to talk to them. As I said before let’s bring back the art of conversation or better yet let your guard down, just because we live in a big, cold, impersonal city does not mean we have to become that.
I dare you to start a conversation with a total stranger and see what happens. Be prepared for strange looks, I have gotten many when I have made comments to people in grocery lines, or in pubs. I’ve also had many great giggles in grocery lines and pubs because I found someone with the same sense of humour so you just never know. Single Chick and I have become great friends and it started with a conversation between to strangers. Give it a try and tell us about it.

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