The SG Challenge..Oct. 3rd Clean Out Your Closet Day!

I know as single gals we get preoccupied with our love life or lack thereof and sometimes what a girl needs to do is focus on something else, and put our love life on the back burner. I am a big promoter of Girl Power; I would one day like to help young girls build strong self-esteem. This is an ongoing battle with most women, whether we are stressing over our weight, or relationship status, getting older, the list is endless and yes we will always be fighting some internal battle but it does not have to consume our lives. I hope to help girls deal with these issues in a healthy way. In the meantime, I would like the SG followers to do their part to saying goodbye to negative self-image by taking the following challenge.

I would like all you ladies to donate your “thin” jeans and other “thin” clothing; this means that outfit that has been sitting in your closet for years and you keep saying one day I will fit into that again. It’s time to get rid of it and what better way than to donate those clothes to a shelter where women are in need. I have chosen the Street Haven Shelter for women as our shelter of choice. Winter is coming and the shelter is in need of winter apparel so that is something to keep in mind when cleaning out your closets.
Here is the shelters wish list of items needed:


We’re always in need of clothing and housewares for women who are transitioning to independent housing, as well as various seasonal items:

• Plants, seeds, bulbs for the garden
• Shoes/sandals, bathing suits and exercise clothes
• Seasonal, good condition, clean women’s clothing
• New socks, sleepwear & underwear.
• New or gently used towels, twin linens, twin pillow cases, pillows, blankets and duvets.
• Small household items

Let’s make Sunday October 3rd Clean Out Your Closet Day!! Please contact me at to arrange a pickup or a drop off area for you donations.

I hope you are all up for the challenge!

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