Am I an addict?

So it has been almost a year since I ended my love affair with the french fry. I was doing really well but now it seems I have switched my love substitute. I have constant cravings for these damn dark chocolate blueberries. I love them and could easily eat them everyday but have controlled myself to once a week but even that is too much.  It’s too much because I can’t stop at a handful I must devour the whole 200g bag. To make matters worse I am positive that I have an intolerance to chocolate which makes the craving even stronger. You see when you have food allergies or intolerances it makes the cravings for said foods even worse it becomes more of an addiction. As with all addictions there is guilt. For me it is the guilt of deviating from fitness goals, all for the temporary endorphin rush that the chocolate brings. Like every high there is the crash, when the chocolate rush wears off I am feeling sluggish, disappointed and angry at myself. This then leads to scrounging around to see if maybe there is one forgotten chocolate blueberry in the bag in hopes to get that chocolate high back. If the bag proves to be truly empty the panic leads to me looking on the floor to see if I dropped one. When there isn’t a blueberry to be found the frustration kicks in, and then more guilt as I question why I am on my hands and knees looking for chocolate! What have I become!
Have chocolate blueberries become my new french fry?  Have I just replaced one addiction with another?  I believe I have traded my Spud for a sweeter, melt in your mouth lover.
Sorry Mr. Chocolate Blueberry  I will have to send you packing, not worry I won’t forget your melt in my mouth goodness, the way you rolled across my desk when I dropped you, or how I’d sometimes find you on the floor or behind my desk, we had  good times but they now must end. Once again another one bites the dust.

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