The after work experiment

Queen B and are going to hit the after work scene.  It seems a good way to meet men is to hit a pub in the business district.  I believe we need to hang by the bar because how can anyone socialize with us when we are hidden away in a booth. So tonight we are going to test this theory out. 
There really only is three possible outcomes for tonight:
1)      We will meet a couple of fabulous guys and both end up with dates for next week.
2)      One of us will hook up and the other will have to be the wing man and chat with the obnoxious friend, fortunately Queen B and I are very good at handling THAT friend.
3)      We’ll end up getting loaded and then the evening is all about us and we stagger home only to laugh at ourselves tomorrow. This is the most likely scenario as we don’t do this often we tend to get carried away, but we sure do have fun!
We are going to hit a couple of different places and we will review and tell you all about it tomorrow. Wish us luck because if we are successful than that means we found a good place to find dates. 


  1. Cant wait to hear the outcome….. have fun!!!!

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