Mistresses and Miners

Well if you haven’t already read about it in this morning’s paper the Chilean Miners that have been trapped underground for over 2 months are in the process of being rescued. I think this is a great show for humanity and of nations coming together and doing something good instead of destructive. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that people can come together and show what being human is really about. With that said there is another side to this story, that of the 5 wives who have been living with the knowledge that their husbands have been having affairs on them. One trapped miner has 4 women claiming to be his significant other (you go boy, lol).

I guess being human is also about having flaws. I know I have many flaws and I’m okay with admitting them but I don’t think cheating is something I have in me. I have read articles claiming there have been confrontations between the wives and mistresses? Really and I thought they would be drinking Chilean wine and relaying stories of their trapped husband/boyfriend.

I also wonder what I would do or say to my trapped husband when he emerged. I don’t know the answer to this question but knowing how I am I can honestly say I wouldn’t be embracing the man I once loved knowing he had been lying to me. I wouldn’t wish him ill either I think I just wouldn’t care. That may sound harsh but if someone you trust betrays you how do you truly forgive this person and be okay with things (even if he has been secluded underground for over 2 months and the world is looking at this as a grand/hopeful experience)? It may sound cruel but I don’t think I would be there to greet my husband. I feel sorry for those wives with the cheating husbands and I am sure if they had the option they would rather be in my shoes writing the what if’s of this scenario than having to live it in front of the world.

Queen B

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