To dream a little dream

Recently I have been having crazy dreams about my crush. You see I have a little bit of a crush on someone and I bump into him every now and again. In my waking hours this person is not on my mind, but the moment I hit REM sleep there he is in all his glory. These dreams have only started happening and I find it quite odd as I am not really a dreamer and I have had dreams about this person for 3 nights in a row.
The first one I run into him at a restaurant and he tells me he has been looking all over for me and then just continues to give me love eyes from across the room. The second dream he is saving me from some bad guys and as I am engulfed in his big man arms, he is bestowing kisses on my head and telling me not to worry I am safe. The last dream and by far my favourite dream, he is waiting for me at my apartment with take-out, he asks if he can come in and to be honest I don’t remember the rest just that we end in my room. 
Maybe these are the characteristic of my perfect mate, he adores me (dream one), he is my protector (dream two) and he takes care of all my needs food and sex (dream three). Let get serious here who am I kidding I think he is hot and I am slowly having dirty dreams about him. I wonder what will happen in tonight’s dream.  I hope he shows up shirtless not that I know what he looks like without his shirt but a girl can dream, right?

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