The Snookie in Us All.

Yes I know it’s bad, I watch some not to proud to talk about TV and it’s in the form of Jersey Shore. To my defense I am only human and I think there is a part of us programmed to watch stupid people do stupid things. It’s kind of like those people that slow down for accidents on highways, they prefer half dead people I prefer half naked ones.

Watching this show you wouldn’t think you would learn anything but there is something I have learned and it is that there is a bit of Snookie in me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a short, stumpy, overtly tanned, bumped hair, guidette but when I’m away from my hometown I am wilder and not as reserved as when I am at home. This type of behaviour is expressed by many people and we can go into the bazillion reasons as to why we are more “wild” but I think the ultimate reason is because we know that we don’t have to deal with the consequences.

For the Jersey Shore folks they have to relive their “wildness” in front of millions and there are records of it. With that said they are getting paid extremely well for what they would be doing for free so I don’t feel sorry for them. For most of us it’s random making out and one night stand’s and if you’re smart there aren’t any records of it.

The show is wearing on me and I do believe their 15 minutes have passed and if they were smart they would have saved for a rainy day. The guido and guidette lifestyle may not be for everyone but if you can take something from them it would be to have fun and not be so serious about everything.

Tell us what you Snookie quality you have we’d love to hear about it?

Queen B

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