Top Five Reasons to be Happy that You’re Single…

1)      You get to watch whatever you want, like Rock of Love – hey it will make you feel so much happier that you’re single when you see Brett Michaels slobbering on numerous Silicone injected drunk, Poison groupies. After all YOU could be dating that!
2)      You don’t have to shave you legs ever if you so desire, think no ingrown hairs, no razor burn. You may look like a female Sasquatch but nobody needs to know.
3)      You can wear you comfy underwear all the time, screw the g-strings, and frilly barely there ride up your ass man invent bikini panties.
4)      You save on birth control. Just think that $25 a month that you would normally spend on birth control pills can now be spent on a good bottle of wine. This will help you forget that you are sitting alone at home in granny panties with legs hairier than your neighbors Burmese Mountain dog.
5)      You only have to deal with your dysfunctional family. That cuts the crazy in half!

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