50 First Dates – Date #3

As a follow up to my blog “The Dating Machine”, I was chatting with Hopeful the other night and decided to blog about my dates. I’m determined to go on a least 50 this year (unless I meet the man of my dreams…or someone I like enough to go on at least 4 dates?). “The Dating Machine” covered my first 2 dating experience, #1 was ok and #2 was a series of multiple disasters.

Onwards to date #3! I recently joined a dating website and I’m actually enjoying it. Other than the occasional 52 year old that messages me, the guys seem ok and I don’t have to pay a cent cause they contact me! Tuesday night I met up with my first online date – we’ll call him Josh. Josh is 34, crazy into health and fitness (although he did have 2 Guinness and cheesecake!) and seemed decent enough. He’s an entrepreneur…owns a couple businesses and is a pretty busy guy. I told him “no wonder he hasn’t had time to date”. He said he wanted to build his empire first and then he could relax. Funny, cause I’m the complete opposite, I seem to keep tearing down my empire and will probably never retire!

We had really good conversation the whole night, there was a slight attraction there I think, although I’m not too sure. I’d need to go on a 2nd or 3rd date to find out for sure. At the end I told him that I had a really good time and he said he did too and that he was so nervous on the way to meet me cause he never does this sort of thing…and then he paid!

In the parking lot we hugged and I said if he wanted to do this again to give me a shout after his trip, he said that sounds great…and then he added “no pressure though right?”…huh? What the heck does that mean? I said “of course not”, but what I really should have said was “No, I don’t need or want to have your babies tomorrow.” Geez. But then he texted me and said he had a really good time and that I was just as cute in person…awwwwww.

It’s funny how people talk about how crazy girls can be when it comes to dating. There are all these self-help dating books directed at women telling us how we should and shouldn’t act, that we shouldn’t be so close minded in finding “the one” (give an ugly guy a chance), don’t talk about kids on the first date etc… And yet, guys seem to be just as ridiculous. I’ve dated guys in the last 2 years who;

1) have asked me if I wanted kids on the second date and who spent all his free time coaching little league

2) constantly phones and harasses me thinking I’m going to change my mind about him

3) told me that they don’t think about me when they’re not with me because they’re still pining over a girl they dated for 5 months 3 years ago

4) who after 5 weeks of dating got ridiculously drunk, made a public scene and then screamed that he “loves me man!!”.

Now if that’s not crazy behavior or in need of a self-help book, then I don’t know what is?

Single Chick

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