50 First Dates – Date #4 – the anticipated date that never happened

Ok, since going on 50 first dates is probably not really going to happen and every time I think about going on 50 dates, I feel utterly exhausted, I decided to also write about the dates I had thought were a go, but never happened.

I met let’s call him Derek (whouups, that’s his real name), through the natural way, online. He contacted me through the website on one of those free weekend things and gave me his email address cause he doesn’t have an account. He was cute, seemed pretty normal, and told me a lot about himself so I emailed him.

We emailed back and forth a couple times and I gave him my number to call. He called once and left a message, then he texted me twice, then he called again…wow “eager” I thought. Then we chatted one night on the phone for almost 2 hours. He seemed really cool, travelled, loved his job etc. We had a lot in common and he’s gearing up to buy a cottage…how awesome!

So at the end of our conversation he asked if I wanted to do dinner that next week. We set it up for early in the week because it was better for him as he works shifts. So on Sunday I texted him to see if Tuesday would work. I didn’t hear from him till Monday night saying “Hi Brea! Yes we’re still on, but could we make it later in the week?” I said for sure but Thursday was my only day and to let me know if that worked for him. I haven’t heard from him since. What the hell was that all about? I was actually looking forward to this one and then nothing?

Could he be married or have a girlfriend? Maybe, although he did contact me through the “Relationship” section – a section dedicated to the more “serious” of daters. Maybe he’s dead? Or has been exposed to extreme radiation or has tuberculosis? Or maybe his black berry fell in the tub with him and he was electrocuted? Or maybe he has a small penis and deep down knows I would not accept that?

We go through all these different “why” scenarios in our mind because there must be some explanation as to “why” he never called back or why he cancelled etc. But the reality is he just wasn’t that into me…or I guess into dating for that matter because I don’t understand how you can’t be into someone you’ve never met?

Anyways, I definitely think it’s the last scenario for Derek’s situation.


Single Chick

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