When you feel crappy but you know shouldn’t

Well single ladies my job hunting is not going as I had planned and it’s getting me down. I’m trying to think of the positive things surrounding my job hunt but it gets harder as time goes on and it doesn’t make it any easier when you work for a narcissistic a-hole.

I was thinking positive about my 3 interviews with a company I thought would be good to work for but unfortunately things didn’t work out. The HR person said that everyone only had good things to say about me but they decided to go with someone else. Really, is that supposed to make me feel better because it doesn’t it makes me feel like I’m inadequate. On the positive side she told me to keep checking their website and should something come up to apply and let her know. This should make me feel better because I couldn’t have been that terrible if they still want me to contact them but the flip side of this is that this could be what they say to everyone.

Either way it sucks to not get what you want and for sanity purposes I have to come up with ideas as to why I am not successful in my job hunt. What I’ve concluded is that it’s not in the cards for me at the moment because there is a higher purpose to my being stuck in my current job. I still don’t know what it is but I sure am hoping the wait is worth it.

The other thing getting me by is knowing that I have Xmas to NYE off. If there is only one thing to hold my sanity it is knowing I have a break from work.

Queen B

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