Date #6 – The Coffee Date

Well as you can see, I’m still going on dates, so obviously dates 1 through 5 have not worked out. Not to worry my fellow single gals, I’m starting to get the hang of this thing they call dating.

So I recently had my very first coffee date. I’ve never actually been on a coffee date before. My dates have usually consisted of meeting for drinks or dinner + drinks. I suggested this, but #6 said he’d rather meet for coffee because he reserves drinking for weekends and RIDE is out now. I said that was very responsible of him. I told Hopeful this, and she said coffee dates are good because there will be no alcohol to cloud your judgment. I told her coffee dates are boring and it’s just a sign the guy won’t put out.

So, we meet for coffee. I actually had tea because if I had a coffee I’d never get to sleep that night. I was running late and called him to see if we could meet an hour later…he didn’t sound too impressed. “Whatever,” I thought “I’m busy!!!” So we met at Starbucks but there was nowhere to sit so we went to Tim Hortons. He bought my green tea and we sat in the corner and chatted. All in all it was very uneventful. He was cute and nicely built, but not a very interesting guy.

After about an hour we left and stood by our cars in the parking lot. Chatted some more and while I’m in mid-sentence he leaned in to kiss me but I wasn’t prepared and thought it was a hug and kinda pulled back. It was weird and awkward. See if there had of been drinks involved everything would have been fine and we would have just started going at it!! So we part and while he’s getting in his car, he’s talking about how it’s a new car. I look in the window of the passenger seat to check it out and he say’s “get in”. I open the door and say “if I get in we’ll just end up making out”. Then I leave. I didn’t think I’d hear from him again, but he texted me the next day and asked what I was doing for the weekend. I told him I was busy but was free Friday.

So we make plans to meet for drinks (real drinks this time) on the Friday. Friday comes and after dinner with my girlfriend, I go home to get ready and give him a call. He’s watching the hockey game and asks me to come over and hang with him and his friend and then we can all go to the bar together. WTF?? Apparently his buddy’s girlfriend just kicked him out and he just showed up at his house. I told him I don’t think so and how that would have been cool 10 years ago when I was 21, but not now and not for a second date. Here’s a thought…tell your fucking buddy you have a date and can’t hang out tonight??!! He sounded super disappointed and wrote me this really nice text , but honestly, the guy seems like kind of a tard.

Upwards and onwards to #7….

Single Chick

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