Watch out for crazy….

I been online and sort of doing the dating thing, I’m not as adventurous as Single Chick and her mission of 50 dates. So I don’t really respond to people, yes I know why bother being online.  I read profiles and I try to get a sense of whether it would be worth my time or not and most are NOT.  Am I to picky I don’t know, but my instincts are usually right so I try to listen to them.  One guy had contacted me, I looked at his profile and something didn’t sit right with me, not sure but it was just a sense. So he contacted me again, I still did not respond and then his last contact was the following message, keep in mind we have never talked and nor has he met me. I have cut and pasted what he wrote so the grammar and spelling mistakes are all his!
I would just love for you to stand by my hip for just 30 seconds to sense the real wonder. I can just imagine the empty flakes, and the losers who are vying for your hand and attention. How much longer are you going to hold out for. Until your head is full of grey and in a manic depressive state with no mania to pull at your you to brighten your day. Tell me whats wrong with you for there is nothing wrong with me. You girls supposedly come on here flashing your absurd empty confidence and for what, all talk no action. You think every guy just wants to fuck you and toss you like a dirty dish rag. Where is your acument, your wit, your senses, why are you a hopeless soul. is the grass greener in your world. I am confused. Do you enjoy beig single, do you enjoy there is nobody to show you affection at the end of the day, cook you a nice meal, really care about your feelings, get to the core of who and what you are. What am I missing. When are the lights going to blast off in your cranium. At this pace you will be alone forever, what a shame. I feel sorry for you and can only hope you snap out of your settled ways. It sometimes take the ruthless truth to hit a nerve and I hope this message does just that. Don’t you want happiness for once and for all, truly. What the alternative, your vibrator or dildo. Get in the game sunshine.
Yes… this is what’s out there unfortunately. I did not respond to this I really see no need as to why I should. I don’t take it personal for he knows nothing about me. I just fear for the poor girl that does go on a date with him, I truly think he is unbalanced. I did report him, but I have no idea what they do with that and there are countless dating web site out there and he is probably on all of them. 
What this jackass does not realize is the my life is very happy and if he were my alternative to being single, I’ll take a vibrator over him any day and as Single Chick so eloquently put it  
I suggest you take that ruthless truth of yours and shove it up your fucking ass…and I also suggest you keep it to yourself or you will be the single one forever, not me. Shit head.” 

Got any AA’s anyone?

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