Happy Holidays Everyone…

Ladies it seems another year has passed once again, where does the time go? Did your relationship status on facebook change from single to “It’s Complicated”, were you able to complete something off your life list? Do you have a life list? What is a life list….well it is a list of things that you would like to do in your lifetime such as …Meet Jon Bon Jovi, Drink Crystal Champagne (I hear it’s not really that good but I must try it), Skinny dip in Maui (before the boobs sag), Play the drums…You get the idea. If nothing has changed in your life in the past year than make a life list, it keeps life interesting. 
2011 is just around the corner why not write up your life list or add to it if you have one. Forget resolutions, resolutions are for people who like the idea of change but know they will never act on it. Think about how much fun ringing in the New Year will be when you know that you plan to go to surf school,  learn Muay Thai, teach your first spin class, dance in the rain..Whatever it is that you want to do “JUST DO IT!” 
We like to wish all our Single Gals followers a Happy Holidays and a very exciting New Year. Do it SG style and fly by the seat of your G-string!!!


  1. Thanks to all of you at single girls for sharing your stories….. Happy christmas to you all and big hopes for 2011!!Some of the things on my list this year include competing in my first fitness show, getting the line down the middle of my abs, being featured in Oxygen magazine and attending my friends first spinning class when she starts teaching!!!

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