You’re Glowing…

Today I was told that my skin looks great, my face is glowing…What are you doing differently? Is it a new cream? Fess up tell me your secret…I was flattered and a bit flabbergasted for I’ve done nothing different, and said so. I’m not sure that I was believed so I got to thinking what would prompt this glowing change. Was is the fact that I was wearing my BIG puffy jacket that’s fit for -30 degrees when it was only 0 degrees outside therefore causing me to be overheated and flushed? Was it the copious amount of chocolate blueberries that I have been eating; giving me a double dose of antioxidants?
Then it dawns on me, it water! As I go fill up my water jug for the fourth time, I realize this is what I am doing differently. In the summer getting 3 -4 litres of water a day is easy. My water consumption was drastically decreased due to the holidays which consisted of beers; red wine and the occasional shooter (don’t judge me). Now that we have entered the New Year and the festivities have come to a halt I am back to my old routine of gym and healthier habits. Therefore in the last couple of days I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies rather than chocolates, street meat and booze (once again don’t judge me). The biggest change is my water consumption, after three days of 3-4 litres a day my skin is glowing. Ladies I know that drinking 3 litres of water is harder to do in winter, but you can also get water from your fruits, veggies, and herbal teas (try to stick with caffeine free since caffeine is a diuretic).
I’ve said it before but I do believe that water is the fountain of youth, so drink up! Save yourself the money on expensive skin creams, just drink 3-4 litres of water a day and I guarantee someone will ask you what your secret is.

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