Message Sent, Message Recevied!

Recently my boss was complaining about his 15 year old son’s phone bill. It seems his son has sent over 5500 text messages last month. 5500 WTF?! As it turns out this is the norm among teens, his son is just your typical teen after all. I feel it is so sad for kids today, they will never know what it’s like to be excited about anything because they live in an age of instant gratification. Everything is literally at your finger tips, whatever you need to know or do can be done on your phone. We can pay our bills, shop, check e-mails, and can message anyone at any time.  
This generation will never know what it’s like to meet someone; give them your number then have to wait until they call you. It was SO exciting to get that message from my mom that ‘Rock God #3’ had called. Then I’d have to call ‘Rock God #3’ back all nervous and stuff, we’d chat then meet up and probably end up dating for a few months or years depending on the rock god. It was slow but exciting process to get to know someone, you’d have to call and chat, and since we did not have cell phones it was all timing. I miss getting home from school/work and having my mom say “that boy called AGAIN!” 
 Now it’s send text message, instant response, if the response is not instant, panic, take it as rejection move on to the next.  A girl not only has other girls to compete with but has to compete with the internet and its countless dating sites. It takes away the slow process of getting to know someone because there is so much variety at your fingertips that if you are not getting instant gratification you can easily move on to the next. 
What’s an old school girl to do? I think we just have to go with the times; after all it is survival of the fittest out there. However tread lightly if you are not text savvy. Be careful if you are texting various friends along with a potential hook up at the same time, make sure you look at who you are responding to. You may accidentally tell the future hook up “I love you man” which was meant for your drunken BFF who had sent you the same message.  Needless to say that potential Hook Up will never happen.


  1. Also ladies watch out for the mad text messager, you know the guy who sends you countless messages and makes you think it's okay to send them back. He will get bored quicky and you have just made yourself look to available.

  2. Hey Karen,It sounds like you have some not so great dating experiences. Thanks for the tip and you are so right, not good to make yourself to available one lesson that I have recently learned. Cheers!

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  4. Last time I met a mad texter, I sat down, drank his beer, then grabbed his cell phone and stuck it up his ass … 'Next time call a girl fuck face!"

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