Are you interested in a three way?

On Saturday Single Chick and I hit the town. We went to one of our favourite watering holes in downtown TO.  We were hanging by the bar when this very drunk dude after making several attempts to hit on us finally he comes straight out and says “I don’t do this often but are you guys interested in the three way?”  NO!!  Then he shoves 5 dollars at us and tells us to buy a drink on him.  We tell him to keep his money; PLEASE $5 dollars can’t even buy you a beer in downtown TO.  He responds “what if I shove it down your bustier” (btw I was not wearing a bustier but a tank top) I tell him politely that if he touches me he will get punched in the face, he left shortly after that. 
This did get us talking about the infamous threesome, we both decided the neither of us want to share a man or have our bits and pieces touch. I’m selfish I want it to be all about me! However I could be persuaded if I were sandwiched between these two hotties. Who am I kidding I don’t have that kind of self confidence!
We did agree that if Colin Farrell had approached us for a threesome we probably participate but there would need to be lots of booze and we probably need to drop some E to make that happen. 
Would participate in a threesome? Or are you more like us and just like to pretend you could if it involved Leo DeCaprio and Brad Pitt?



  1. I would hands down have a threesome with Leo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt!!Btw ladies I just stumbled upon your blog, I LOVE it! It's great to know that I am not the only one confused with today's dating world. Love the stories, I hope that dating experiences get better for all of us.

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