She Shoots …..She Scores!!!

I think we should all set goals for ourselves. One reason being if you have goals in place it will help you get over the hurt to the ego when you discover that “He was just not that into you“. Also goals keep you focused that your life is more than being single, that you have ambitions and dreams. I have set goals in one form or another my whole life, and it is true what they say if you write them down you are taking your first step to putting those goals into action.

Last year I found this very cool goal setting tool on the Lululemon website. You fill in your short and long term goals with a date you expect to achieve them by and when it gets close to that date you get a goal reminder sent to you.  I just received such a reminder and my goal was to have taught my first spin class by end of January. It is now January 11 and I am nowhere near being close to achieving that goal. I mean I have my certification but I am not prepared for that first class just yet. I have reset the date for the end of March, by than I will be done school and back from my vacation. I plan to put a killer class together so that my first time out I feel confident I will teach the spin class that I have dreamed of teaching for the last two years.

Here it the link to the lululemon goaltender

I highly recommend that you give it a try and set your goals..Hey even if you don’t achieve them it could be fun to get that 5 year goal reminder that you were going to stalk Johnny Depp and have him tired up in your basement by July 2014… Even better if it comes true!!

Good luck with all your goals!!



  1. My goal is to create a drug that we can give our dates, so they are completely honest with us as to what is going on in their heads. This drug stays in effect for one month, than maybe women everywhere can sigh a breath of relief because they have finally gotten an honest man.Do I sound bitter? Fuck it I am! I'm so tired of men not being up front with us!

  2. Hey Karen,When you invent this drug can you let the SG followers know. No worries if you're bitter it's allowed once in awhile just don't let it get you down for to long. Cheers!

  3. How about if you teach a class with just a few of your friends by the end of January…. does that count??

  4. I guess that would count? It's still a class right? I'll have to see, there is to much going on this month with trying to get 4 case studies done before Costa Rica..But I'll think about it!ThanksAmanda

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