Energy Healing

I realized I never updated you on my experience with the Shamanic energy healer. Well it is unlike any experience I have ever had and to be honest it’s too hard for me to explain because 1. If you don’t already think I’m nuts you will think I’ve gone over the edge and 2. It’s something words can’t describe. I hate to have to say it but you really do need to experience it to truly understand what happened to me.

I understand that to some of you I may have already lost it by going to see someone like this but truly I figure if it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else you should do whatever you need to deal/understand/cope with things. To clarify I didn’t go to the healer to find a man, I went because my life both personally and professionally was at a standstill. Considering I have done other forms of therapy both traditional and alternative I thought why not try seeing an energy healer? Well I can say of all forms of ‘therapy’ I have done this experience was very freaky/weird/out of this world. According to the healer the type of feeling I had doesn’t normally happen in the 1st visit but the way I felt was unlike any other feeling I have ever had and trust me I have been on trips before (I’ll leave it up to you to decipher the types of trips I am talking about).

So did it work you’re asking? Really I had no idea what to expect or what I wanted afterwards but what I do know is that things have changed in my life and for the better. Did the healing play into it? I’m really not sure but does it matter because I feel lighter and happier and that is all that really counts. I’m not going to concern myself with what any one part means I’ll leave that to a higher power but what I do know is that if anything psychologically I am in a better place and as the healer said to me I need to learn to love myself more (get your mind out of the gutter!!! LOL) which is what I keep reminding myself.

Queen B

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