Golden Globes

Being the fashion junkie that I am, I love the key awards shows one being the Golden Globes the other being the Oscars. Of course I like knowing if the movies/tv shows etc…that I love are there but my true desire is to see what people are wearing and what we will be seeing in toned down versions in real life. The Globes did not disappoint and it seems most people stepped it up this year.

The colour trends were diverse, think black, nude, greens and red and the styles went from over the top to sleek and stylish. Some of my favourites included Mila Kunis, January Jones, Sophia Vergara and Olivia Wilde. Some of my not so favourites included Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock. Some people may include Helena Bonham Carter on this list, but she’s quirky and if you’re expecting cookie cutter from her you’re living in a different world.

As for the men the black tie and suits were fine and some of my favourites included Jon Hamm, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp (just because he’s so cool) and Christian Bale because he’s British and his speech was fantastic. As for the men I didn’t like well since they are wearing suits nobody did anything that made me think what the f*ck was he thinking so I’ll say they all pass.

I love the colour black and I’m so glad it was presented in full force as to me it’s always the go to shade. With that said seeing all the green and red on the carpet has now got me thinking that I need to get out there and shop. It’s really not a bad idea considering the spring trends are showing vibrant shades in all hues. After this winter we may need a little colour in our lives so think flashy and long.

Queen B


  1. Thanks Queen B, colour is nice but I'll stick to black…does tight black leather ever really go out of style?

  2. Tight black leather is always in style 🙂

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