No Glove …No Love

Is it just me or have has society deemed it acceptable to have no glove lovin? It seems that more and more guys out there want to have unprotected sex. Is it because we hardly hear about AIDS any more, or the dangers of STD’s. Dudes today are all up in the advancements of technology but they have digressed to the free loving ways of the 80’s. They whine that it reduces the pleasure, no shit Sherlock but a little pleasure reduction is better than a lifetime of crotch rot! 
I had one misrepresentation say “I don’t use condoms because there are none big enough to fit me”….Really!? Well my interest was piqued, can you blame me. Here was this stocky dude, telling me that he was bigger than rock god Tommy Lee (admit it you have seen the video), I’m sure even Tommy has worn the occasional condom….right?
Curiosity was killing me so I stuck my hand down his pants, and kept reaching and feeling around, it took a few minutes and I finally found his balls however last time I checked you don’t put a condom on your balls…Oh wait I finally found the little guy, oh my aren’t you a wee little thing. He was right, a condom would not fit!!!
I’m not sure when this shift in sexual recklessness happened; but it is happening all the time to me and my single girlfriends. Do we need another sexual epidemic to scare people again? I believe in safe sex; ladies you can have as much sex as you want and with whomever you want just be smart about it. 
Just because the stats on STD’s have gone down does not mean that they are not an issue. The stats have declined because people have been practicing safe sex. So beware of the smooth talker who uses such lines as:
“I’m clean, and you look clean”
“I’m not worried; you seem like a nice girl”
“You’re so hot I want to get the full experience”
“There are no condoms big enough”
Have you encountered this? What lines have guys used on you?

Happy Hunting!

The Black Widow


  1. and don't forget babies. doubt the last thing anyone wants from a fling, or at the start of a relationship is an unplaned pregnancy.That is another life long alteration, might as well name the child after an std.

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