Who’s on your laminated list?

A laminated list, sometimes called a freebie list, is a list of 5 celebrities that your significant other must let you sleep with them if the unbelievable opportunity ever arises. I would never be able to commit to laminating my list since the fifth spot is more of the current crush of the moment. The Top 3 are set in stone for this gal and since I am single I guess I always have a open pass…. Does anyone know where I can hook-up with Leo? 

1) Leo DiCaprio – I have loved him since ‘Growing Pains’. Back then he was such a cutie and now he is just so damn hot, if I got the opportunity I would make him reenact the love scene from the Departed with me…HOT!!!!

I know this clip is not in english but who cares what they are talking about…

2) Anthony Keidis – I love dirty rock stars and if I had to pick just one, he is it hands down. I love the hair, the tattoo’s, his lips and his dirty hotness.

3) Georges St. Pierre – This man is just signifies everything manly about a man. His bod is smokin, he has a sense of humor,and he is ‘The Ulitimate Fighter’ god can a man get any hotter.

 4) Wentworth Miller – I love tall skinny dudes (hence my love for dirty Rock Stars), and he has the Rock God look without the dirtyness. 

5) Mark Wahlburg – I think this pic says it all.

 Who’s on your list?


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